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Anhui Salonda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. through organic integration, to achieve the production, supply, marketing in one of the joint enterprises。The factory is a national designated pesticide production enterprise, formerly located in Huannan City Xijiaji District Wolongshan West Road is now planned to be built in Lujiang County Longqiao Industrial Park, covers an area of 50 acres, close to the southeast of Hefei, convenient transportation。The company has a variety of large-scale advanced equipment such as the United States polymer air flow machine, strict quality testing system, product performance is stable and reliable。Since its birth, the company has been developing for the market, and has carried out technical cooperation with a number of domestic colleges and universities, relying on science and technology to produce high-quality products, in just a few years to develop pesticides, herbicides, fungicides three categories of dozens of pesticide products with high-tech content。

We adhere to the "integrity and development, quality for the future" purpose, to produce more and better products, for the vast number of farmer friends service。

We are willing to establish long-term cooperative partnership with customers at home and abroad to seek common development and achieve win-win situation in the new economic era。To make greater contributions to the development of agriculture。

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