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What crops can not use pyrifolone and imidacloprid difference

Pyrhexone is a new type of endogenous insecticide。Antistinging and sucking mouthparts pests have。It can specifically block the feeding behavior of insects, so that the drug aphids immediately stop feeding, although they can still move, but because of irreversible resistance to food, they die of starvation。So, what crops can not use pyrifolone?Which is better, pyrhexone or imidacloprid?Let's take a look at it。

What crops can not use pyrifolone

1. The effect on the surrounding bee colony should be avoided during the application of this product。

2. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product to avoid inhaling liquid。Do not eat or drink during application。After application, wash the instrument thoroughly, bury the bag deep or burn it, and wash hands and face with soap immediately。

3, this product is toxic to melons, lettuce seedlings and tobacco, should avoid the liquid drift to other crops。

4, shall not be mixed with alkaline pesticides and other substances。In order to delay the development of resistance, insecticides with different mechanisms of action can be used in rotation。

The difference between pyrhidone and imidacloprid:

1. Pyrhidone is composed of two different insecticides with different mechanism of action: pyrhidone and endinium;Pyraphidone has a unique effect of mouth and needle blocking, which quickly inhibits the feeding of pests.Endinium can quickly block the nerve conduction of insect pests。The combination of the two can effectively control rice planthopper。

2, Imidacloprid is nitryl methyl group within the absorption insecticide, is the acceptor of nicotinate acetylcholinase agent, rapid action, stinging insects such as rice planthopper has a better control effect。

3, Imidacloprid is a nicotinoid super insecticide, with broad spectrum, low toxicity, low residue, pests are not easy to produce resistance, human, livestock, plants and natural enemies and other characteristics, and has multiple effects such as touch, stomach toxicity and internal absorption。After the pest contact with the agent, the normal conduction is blocked, so that it paralysis and death。The product is good, has a high prevention effect 1 day after the drug, and the residual period is about 25 days。The drug effect is positively correlated with temperature, and the insecticidal effect is good when the temperature is high。It is mainly used to control stinging and sucking mouth pests。

4, pyraphidone has a touch effect on pests, but also has internal absorption activity。It can be transfused in both xylem and phloem in plants.Therefore, it can be used for both foliar spray and soil treatment。Due to its good transport characteristics, the newly grown branches and leaves after the spray of stems and leaves can also be effectively protected。

Which is better, pyrhidone or imidacloprid






Compared with imidacloprid, pyrhidone is younger and has a very unique mechanism of action, good effect, long duration, green environmental protection and safety of natural enemies。

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